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The following companies give tremendous support to our Association via paid sponsorships. Please consider using them in the event you require any of the services they provide.

ES Partners - Diamond Sponsor
ES Partners is a behavioral science firm in Washington, D.C. area that develops legal analytics technologies. We work with law firms to maximize the likelihood of favorable outcomes in both the settlement and trial phases. By combining large-sample, randomized-controlled trials of potential jurors with Monte Carlo simulations on the resulting data, we can estimate three outcomes: 1) The probability of a jury finding negligence; 2) The probability of a jury awarding any given amount in damages; 3) A forecast of the range of outcomes — and most likely outcome — in general and under different trial circumstances.  ES Partners has successfully applied its technology to cases involving Fortune 50 companies, and is continually working to identify and solve unmet needs in the legal space.  Contact Adam B. Schaeffer, Ph.D., adam@e-s-partners.com, 202.746.4191

JMW Settlements - Diamond Sponsor
JMW Settlements has been a long-time sponsor of TLA-DC. If you don’t know them, they are sophisticated settlement planners who can help you evaluate and craft tax-smart settlements for your clients. If you don’t yet have your own expert, you should.  Reach Jim Klapps and Henry Strong at 202-463-1990 or 

The McCammon Group - Diamond Sponsor
By recruiting only the top professionals and enhancing their skills even more with rigorous training, The McCammon Group provides you with the quality you want, the results you need, and the value you demand. Serving your mediation, arbitration, judge pro tempore, special master, facilitation, training, and consulting needs throughout Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland and beyond.  Contact them at 1-888-343-0922 or

Sage Settlement Consulting - Diamond Sponsor
Jay Foran with Sage Settlement Consulting is a plaintiff loyal structured settlement planner who has been proudly serving the D.C. Bar for more than 20 years.  In addition to complex settlement planning, we also offer a full array of litigation support services including special needs trust integration, tools to maximize and defer attorney fee compensation, lien negotiation/resolution services and MSA's. Please contact Jay Foran at
jforan@sagesettlements.com or 410.721.8883.

Physician Life Care Planning - Diamond Sponsor
Physician Life Care Planning is a very proud sponsor of DC-TLA and appreciates working with the DC legal community. We are a full service, nationwide provider of damages valuation services that specializes in the formulation of Compensatory Economic Damages. Our Physician Life Care Planners, who are Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, our Occupational and Vocational Specialists, and our Forensic Economists and Financial Analysts specialize in defining the value of Future Medical Care, Loss of Earnings Capacity, and Loss of Household Services for chronically and catastrophically ill/injured individuals for attorneys, government agencies, insurance companies, trusts, and courts. Contact Joseph Gonzales josephj@physicianlcp.com or 267-496-1985 or visit us online for more info.

Planet Depos - Diamond Sponsor
Planet Depos is the foremost provider of court reporting and litigation technology services. Our highly skilled, professional, and discreet court reporters and videographers make us proud, mirroring company values and providing a quality product on time, every time.  Our brand promise is “We Make It Happen” for you, whether in the tri-state area or anywhere on the planet.  We have eight fully equipped and conveniently located offices in Annapolis, Baltimore, Greenbelt, Norfolk, Richmond, Rockville, Tysons Corner and Washington, D.C. Planet Depos is locally owned and operated by the DiMonte family who have supported the DC-TLA for over 20 years. Please contact Matty Workman at matty@planetdepos.com or Nate Pascal at Nate.Pascal@planetdepos.com, www.planetdepos.com  888.433.3767


Epiq - Platinum Sponsor
Epiq offers advisory services and legal process outsourcing to law firms and companies settling mass tort or single event cases. Our services include 1) Single event and mass tort healthcare lien resolution, now featuring LienDesk—our online solution that lets firms set up and manage lien resolution cases in real time, 2) Mass tort settlement administration, including program design, claims processing, settlement fund administration, and payments, 3) Mass tort case development services, including call center support, medical record retrieval and review, and plaintiff fact sheet fulfillment.  Please contact Ashley Rolfe, Ashley.Rolfe@epiqglobal.com, www.epiqglobal.com/en-us

Multi-Specialty  Health Care - Platinum Sponsor
Multi-Specialty HealthCare (MSHC) is an interdisciplinary health care provider specializing in Personal injury and Workers' Compensation. Offering a wide breadth of comprehensive professional services to valued patients in our 25+ locations in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area . Our physical medicine team includes orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, physiatrists, and internal medicine physicians, who work hand in hand with the rehabilitation team including chiropractors and physiotherapists. All of our locations are operated in an effective and professional manner, making us a friendly neighborhood health care delivery system. Contact Chrysis Peters, 
chrysis.peters@gmail.com,  410-802-4399, www.mshclegal.com

Capital Healthcare - Gold Sponsor
Maryland Healthcare Clinics /Capital Healthcare Clinics is the premiere comprehensive healthcare provider for individuals involved in auto accidents and work related injuries with over 50 clinics throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia.  MHC/CHC works to deliver the highest quality medical care and to provide all the necessary tools for efficient case management. We have employed modern diagnostic and treatment technologies as well as developed an advanced IT system. We offer free hospital records, electronic medical records transfer and the ability to “go green."  Contact Nigora Akhmedova at 
nigora@mdhealthcorp.com or Mary Sharza at msharza@mdhealthcorp.com, www.capitalhealthcorp.com

Courtroom Animation - Gold Sponsor
Courtroom Animation was founded on the idea that seeing is believing. Oftentimes, it can take hours to accurately explain how vital the tiny details of a case can be, as well as ensure the jury can adequately remember all of the data that an attorney painstakingly laid out for them. For years, we saw attorneys spend months building their case, only to have jurors misunderstand the key points of their argument. We saw expert witnesses take the stand for hours – delivering thorough and complex material that jurors struggled to grasp. With the desire to solve this problem we decided to step in and create accurate 3D animations and trial graphics to be used as demonstrative exhibits or evidence during mediation and trial. Working in many different practice areas including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, prosecution & criminal defense, surgical recreations, aviation, officer involved shootings, and more. We believe our animations will change the way attorneys do business. ContactTony Ausick, Regional VP of Sales for Northeast, 706-362-7420, tausick@courtroomanimation.com

Robson Forensic - Gold Sponsor
Robson Forensic is an integrated team of forensic engineers, architects, scientists and fire investigators. Their experts include civil, construction, mechanical, structural and electrical engineers, architects and certified fire investigators. They have performed over 30,000 cases in their 20+ years and offer clients the reassurance of peer review and personal follow through not found with a referral service. Please call them at 800-813-6736 or  

Synergy Settlement Services - Gold Sponsor
Synergy Settlement Services resolves the most complex settlement related issues for law firms so lawyers can focus on being trial lawyers. Our team of highly skilled professionals includes attorneys, Certified Financial Planners, certified Medicare set aside consultants, subrogation experts, nurse consultants and case managers. We handle the difficult issues such as Medicare Secondary Payer compliance, structured settlements, public benefit preservation, lien resolution and complex settlement planning questions allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. Contact Rodd Santamauro, JD, Chief Operations Officer, 202-368-2520 or Joanna Wynes at JoannaW@synergysettlements.comwww.synergysettlements.com

Jerome Paige and Associates - Silver Sponsor
With over 30 years of experience, JSP & Associates is an economic consulting  rm that specializes in the areas of forensic economics, business/economic analysis, and organizational change. We house a range of experts in economics,  nance, accounting and insurance to meet the litigation needs of both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Our analyses are based on
the most current applied and theoretical research from the  elds of forensic economics,  nance and accounting. Let us know how our experts can help your case. 202.726.3081, info@ paigeandassociates.com, Website: www.paigeandassociates.com

Kesem Technology - Silver Sponsor 
Kesem Technology is a leading IT support and IT security services provider for professional businesses and law firms in DC and the metro area. Bringing decades of experience and a commitment to serve the needs of the smaller firm, Kesem provides voice services, hosted email, backup, disaster recovery services, and cloud services, in addition to support and hardware. Whether you need advice, occasional support, project work, or a more comprehensive technology solution, Kesem Technology can accommodate your firm’s specific needs.  Kesem Technology is already partners with a number of DC-TLA member firms and solo practitioners, and we are looking forward to meeting and working with many more in the years to come! Reach Martin Block at marty@kesemtechnology.com. Office 301-562-9339 and Direct 202-747-3592, 

Medivest - Silver Sponsor
Medivest is a leading provider of Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance solutions to the workers’ compensation and general liability industry.  Founded in 1996, Medivest was the first company to professionally administer a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement and has continued to be a persistent innovator, creating solutions (such as the MSA Self-Administration Kit and MSA Trust Advisor Services) that address a variety of MSP and settlement issues.  Medivest offers a wide array of products and services that make it the most competent and comprehensive source for MSP compliance solutions in the industry. Current services include Medicare Set-Aside Allocations (WC & GL), Professional Administration of MSA and non-MSA funds, SS / Medicare Verifications, Lien Investigations, and Trust Advisory Services. Contact Craig Pawley, Vice President of Sales, 
Cpawley@medivest.com, 949-632-0029

The Menick-Friese-Phillips-Bock Group - Silver Sponsor
The Menick-Friese-Phillips-Bock Group focuses on providing turnkey financial and practical resources for clients with a wide variety of special needs. Partners of the MFPB group have had personal experience living with a disability as well as raising children with special needs. Our primary goal is to promote the holistic well-being of the disabled individual. Understanding that special needs families lives are complex, we concentrate on the family’s unique priorities and then build a multi-disciplinary team to help the families match their vision.  As part of our services we provide wealth management planning, discretionary investment management, budgeting and coordination with specialized SNT attorneys, life care planners and benefits counselors. In addition to our professional duties, we also volunteer our time to organizations such as The Autism Society of Northern Virginia, Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities, Shared Horizons Pooled Trust and Children National Medical Center. Contact Mark Friese ,
mark_friese@ml.com, Chase Phillips at 202-659-7374 or Chase_Phillips@ml.com.  Please visit our  website.

Shared Horizons - Silver Sponsor
Shared Horizons, Inc. is a 501(c)3, created to administer pooled special needs trusts in accordance with the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA ’93).  Our mission is to help people with disabilities and their families access an affordable Special Needs Trust option that will protect public benefits and provide goods and services while preserving their assets.  Shared Horizons’ special needs trusts are pre-approved by Social Security and State Medicaid programs in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia, creating an easily accessible settlement protection option for Trial Attorneys and their clients.  Contact Yolanda Mazyck at 202-448-1460 or ymazyck@shared-horizons.org Visit the website at

Amicus Visual Solutions - Bronze Sponsor
Amicus Visual Solutions is owned and operated by an elite group of AMI board certified medical illustrators, and provides superior medical illustrations, animations, and trial support for medical malpractice and personal injury litigation.  With our thorough knowledge of anatomy and expertise in communicating medical concepts, we bridge the gap between doctors and the layperson, working closely with lawyers and medical experts to ensure that the significant aspects of a case are presented to the audience in an accurate, clear, and effective manner. 
www.amicusvisualsolutions.com. Contact Asha Kays at akays@amicusvisualsolutions.com,  1-877-303-1952

Bell Legal Nurse Consulting - Bronze Sponsor
Bell Legal Nurse Consulting strives to save you time and money on any of your cases involving medical records.  Services include timelines, chronologies, case summaries, IME attendance, and expert witness services.  Bell Legal Nurse Consulting can save you time by clarifying medical terminology and complex medical information concerning procedures, diagnoses, medications and treatments, and anatomy and physiology.  We can quickly identify details contained within medical records that can save the legal staff time to focus on legal issues.  A focused chronology of the facts can lead to a better outcome for your client.  Why pay a physician to review a medical record when you can have a nurse do it at a fraction of the cost?   Let us help you develop your case and increase the value of your case. Call 410 660-7025.  Email her at marciablnc@yahoo.com and check out the website at marciablnc.com. 
Compel Visuals - Bronze Sponsor
Compel Visuals is a full-service medical legal demonstrative evidence company with offices in the Washington, D.C. area. Our board certified medical illustrators specialize in cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death.  Make Your Case Before Saying a Word. Contact Marie Dauenheimer and Joan Tycko, Board Certified Medical Illustrators, (301) 461-6583, inquiry@compelvisuals.com,
www. compelvisuals.com

CED Technologies - Bronze Sponsor
CED Technologies, Inc. (CED) is a leading engineering company specializing in forensic engineering, accident reconstruction, rapid responder services and engineering studies. In addition to industry standards testing and research, CED provides litigation support and expertise for some of the most well-known law firms, insurance companies and manufacturers nationwide. Contact Gavin O'Hare, 
Gohare@cedtechnologies.com, Direct: 443.221.4492 | Cell: 443.926.6808 | www.cedtechnologies.com

The Law Office of SRIS P.C. - Bronze Sponsor
The Law Office of SRIS P.C. has a team of family law, custody divorce, criminal, traffic and personal injury lawyers to assist clients all across Northern Virginia. Our attorneys handle separation, divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, premarital agreements, adoption, and every type of family law case and every type of criminal, traffic and personal injury cases.The strength of our legal team is reflected in our client reviews. Call Attorney Sris at 888-437-7747 or email us at sris@srislawgroup.biz,



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